Tuesday, August, 15 2017

What is Encore?

Encore is a new a new, friendlier interface for searching the library catalog which combines the traditional library catalog with qualities of today’s popular search engines. It presents the holdings of the library in a new way, allowing you to easily explore our collections of books, magazines, movies, music, government documents, and more.

Encore features:

  • Faceted browsing: Use the facets on the left-hand side of the search results page to refine your results by limiting to a specific format (such as book, DVD), location, publish date and more.
  • Subject Tag Clouds – narrow your search by clicking on the most frequently occurring subject terms from your results. Those terms are collected in a ‘cloud’ of different-sized words on the right-hand side of the search results page. The bigger the word, the more items in your results have that subject heading.
  • Spellcheck for searching: “did you mean…?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Encore search the same resources as the regular Library Catalog?
Yes it does!

How do I view the holdings for a particular title?
From the results page, you can click on the Show All Copies/Volumes link located below the title of an item. You can also select Show All Available Copies/Volumes to limit the results to copies immediately available for check out.

How do I place a hold for an item in Encore?
Click on the Request It link below the title of each item in your search results page. The second option is to click on the title of an item and select the Request It link from the item page.

How do I access My Account from within Encore?
To access your account click on the Log In link in the upper right hand corner of the Encore results page.

How do I get to the existing catalog search from Encore?
There are two ways to move to the normal catalog search from within the Encore interface.

Click on the “Advanced Search” link just below the Encore search box. This will open up a new window or tab and take you to the Advanced Keyword search page in the older catalog interface. From there you can navigate to the library’s home page.

Click on any title in your search results, and then click on the “Find Out More” link from the full record display (see below.) This will open up a new window or tab and take you to the classic catalog view of the same bibliographic record. From here you can initiate a new search, or navigate to the library’s home page.

Will Encore replace the existing library catalog interface?
No, it won’t, at least not in its current state.