Wednesday, August, 16 2017

Computer Services

The Middletown Public Library makes available computers with access to the Internet for use within the Library, as part of its mission to provide services in a wide variety of formats to meet the information, education and entertainment needs of the community. Click here to view the “Middletown Public Library Internet Use Policy.”

Internet Access General Information :
Computers and fee based photocopiers are available from opening time until fifteen minutes before closing. A library card in good standing is required to sign on to a computer or to place a reservation. In general, computers may be used up to a total of 120 minutes (2 hours) per day. Under certain conditions, time may be extended if no other patrons are waiting. No more than two people may be seated at one computer for safety and privacy concerns.

Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) :

Free wireless Internet access (i.e., wireless fidelity or “WiFi”) is available at Middletown Public Library.

Library Staff will not provide technical assistance and no guarantee can be made that you will be able to make a wireless connection; the patron is solely responsible for his or her equipment.

Please be aware the WiFi Internet access offered is filtered as mandated by the state Office of Library and Information Services. By choosing to use this free service, you agree to abide by the Middletown Public Library’s Internet Use Policy. Middletown Public Library’s WiFi network is not secure. Information sent to and from a user’s notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device may be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software. You use this service at your own risk.

Middletown Public Library is strictly not responsible and assumes no responsibility or liability by making wireless Internet access available for the safety of user’s equipment or for notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device configurations, security, or data files or personal information security resulting from connection to MPL’s WiFi network.