Tuesday, August, 15 2017

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

1000 books long iconHow It Works

  • Register at the Children’s Department for your reading log.
  • Color a circle for every book read together.
  • When you reach 100 books, bring in your log for your first prize – a reading rubber ducky (or choose from available prizes!)
  • Pick up a new reading log, and for every 100 books after, your child picks their choice of reading rubber duckies (or available prizes).
  • When you reach 500 books you receive a book browsing bag – you’re halfway there!
  • 1,000 books earns your child a free book of their choosing and a reading certificate.



Does reading the same book over and over count?

YES!  Children love and learn through repetition.  If you read the same book 3 times, color in 3 circles.


What books can I read?

Any books you want.  You can read books from home, the library, anything!  Books that your child listens to in storytimes at the library also count.  We’re also here to help you find books that you and your child will enjoy.

FUN FACT: Reading just 3 books a night, you will reach 1,095 books in 1 year!

Visit the library and sign up today!