Tuesday, September, 23 2014

MPL Teen Corner

Book Requirements:

All students will read the work(s) assigned to their grade level.  Reading the selection(s) will ensure that students in each grade level have the shared experience of reading the same book.

Some students will read an alternate title with a similar theme.  If you are required to read the alternate title, you will be notified by mail.

Summer Reading Assignment:

1.  All students will be assessed on an on-demand writing assignment within the first few weeks of school.

2.  Students will participate in regular discussions of the assigned work(s) in their English class throughout the year.

3.  Tests, quizzes, and homework assignments throughout the year will ask students to draw on their summer reading experience and make connections to works being studied in class.

4.  The following Common Core rubrics will be used for the assessments:  a) oral communication, and b) response to literature (CCSS).

Rubrics will be reviewed with students prior to the administration of assignments.

NOTE: Students who enroll in Middletown High School After August 1, 2014 are exempt from the summer reading requirements.

Please click on the link below to view the texts required for grades 9-12.

MHS Summer Reading Requirement

Please click on the following link for information regarding the Advanced Placement summer reading requirements.

Middletown High School Advanced Placement reading requirements